... or the Seven Deadly Sins of a Slow Computer Did you ever have to ask yourself WHY is my computer so slow? Now that most of our entertainment, work and communication tasks are transferred to computers, a slow computer is more than just a nuisance. But what evil deeds can you actually expect from a slow computer? Seven deadly sins of a slow computer - seven reasons to take action if your computer is running slow.

Sin 1: Hard Disk Failure

If your computer is extremely slow while accessing files or “freezes” don’t get mad at it but take action to backup your data! That may be a sign that hard drive failure it not far ahead. Recovering data from a failed hard drive is costly and not always possible.

Sin 2: Impossibility to Recover Data

A slow computer may be a sign of hard disk fragmentation. This means that little pieces of files are not written to the disk sequentially (like they should normally be) but are scattered all over the disk. If you accidentally delete important files from a disk in a defragmented condition chances are that some pieces of the deleted files will be overwritten by new data. That will make the file unrecoverable.

Sin 3: Identity Theft

Sometimes slow computer performance is a result of malware activity. What is the primary purpose of malware? Right, it’s stealing you precious personal data. What sort of data is the most precious to you - you know better.

Sin 4: File or Data Damage

Some malware applications don’t steal your information but just damage or erase the data on your computer. However, it still sounds quite unpleasant, doesn’t it?

Sin 5: System Errors

Messed registry, i.e. the one full of corrupt entries and wrong references is one of the major causes of slow computer performance and system errors, like 0xc0000135 error. Quite often these two problems go hand by hand.

Sin 6: Accidental Powering Off

How many times did you have to power off your computer because the shutdown was taking too long and you were in a hurry? Did you know that such a manipulation may result in severe registry damage and total impossibility to startup later, unless you reinstall the system?

Sin 7: Nervous Breakdown

How many times did you feel like casting an iron at you computer with its waiting cursor? Yielding to this desire would leave you without a computer and resisting to it is killing your nerves. Both ways are bad.

Take steps to fix slow computer now - don’t wait until it’s too late!

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