One of the ways to troubleshoot 0xc0000135 error or other errors that occur during startup is to perform Clean Boot procedure.


Clean Boot mean booting as minimalistically as possible. Normally, when you start your computer it loads many optional custom services, files and programs. A clean boot turns off all the optional features and autorun programs and boots only those features without which the operating system won’t start (only the Microsoft service)

How to Use Clean Boot Troubleshooting in Windows XP

If you a getting troubles at startup, restart in Safe Mode.

  • Click Start, then type msconfig in the Start Search box and press ENTER. If you are requested to enter the administrator password, enter it.
  • Now you see System Configuration Utility window with multiple tabs. Choose General tab and click Selective Startup.
  • Uncheck Load Startup Items check box. However, Use Original BOOT.INI check box won't be available for modification.
  • Click the Services tab.
  • Choose the Hide All Microsoft Services check box.
  • Click Disable All, and then OK.
  • After disabling (unchecking) the startup items click OK and agree when the system offers you to reboot.
  • If the startup problem disappears, it was caused by one of the background program or service that you disabled.
  • Enter System Configuration Utility again and check one of the previously unchecked items and restart. Repeat the procedure until you find the items that caused the problem. From time optimization viewpoint, it is recommended to uncheck\check back half of the items for every loop. After you determine the problematic item or the service, contact the program manufacturer to find out whether the problem can be resolved. Until then, keep the problematic item disabled. Wanring: don't try to modify the Boot.ini. Modifying this file can make your computer unusable!

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