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Bug Check 0x7A: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (Windows Debuggers)

Frequently, you can determine the cause of the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR bug check from the error status ... 0xC000009C, or STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR, ...
Posted by: Jessie on: 8.13.10 time: 21:44

Symantec System Recovery - Core Product: Error Links

27 Aug 2014 ... o Installation Error: The configuration data for this product is corrupt. ... o Kernel- Mode Driver Framework v1.9 (KB970158) is installed with Backup Exec ..... SuperTrak EX4650/EX8650/EX8654/EX8658/EX16650 Windows STORPort ..... failing with an "Error EBAB03F1: Error performing inpage operation.".
Posted by: Septimus on: 12.21.11 time: 17:31
Please, don't be thoughtless to overlook suchlike system messages either:
    value: 784 (0x310)
    description: A thread is getting dispatched with MCA EXCEPTION because of MCA.
    value: 1101 (0x44D)
    description: A tape access reached a filemark.
    value: 13917 (0x365D)
    description: IPsec dropped an incoming ESP packet in authenticated firewall mode. This drop is benign.
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BSOD error - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads

storport.sys KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR expert A page of kernel data was not found in the pagefile and could not be read into memory. This might be due to Kernel_data_inpage_error > STOP 0x0000007A > storport.sys - address 807CA000 base at 80795000 date stamp 47918F7D > > Any help or links would be.

Posted by: Harriet on: 7.15.11 time: 1:17
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KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (7a) The requested page of kernel data could not be read in. 29 09:25:09 2011 (4DBABC35) aa2b7000 aa2d4000 srvnet srvnet.sys Fri Apr 29 09:25:08 2011 (4DBABC34) 8ecbb000 8ecfc000 storport storport.sys Sat Apr 11 00:39:19 2009...

Posted by: Erasmus on: 5.4.12 time: 14:25

Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error Windows 8 brand new system ...

Caused By Address : storport.sys+113d. File Description : Product .... Microsoft Application Error Reporting (Version: 12.0.6012.5000) Microsoft ...

Posted by: Nikola on: 1.22.12 time: 20:23
  • Says KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR and then mentions ftdisk.sys at the bottom. ALSO will sometimes get a different BSOD, saying PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA which also mentions NTFS.sys at the bottom of the BSOD page.
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  • Hello. my windows 8.1 last 2 days show up with the blue screen. KERNEL_ DATA_INPAGE_ERROR Win32k.SYS. then i reboot the laptop and works fine.
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    "Storport.sys KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR" error appearing on the blue background is known as a terminal system problem symptom. Because of that you must not waste time when it concerns terminal error spotting.
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